my header has position:fixed

which works fine on android 2.2

(evo, incredible, others with froyo)

(try scrolling this! see? it works!)


but when I focus the field at the top

it seems to grow another placeholder

on top of it, with infinite z-index

and position:inline

and other stuff that does not match

the CSS I've assigned to it

and its :focus doppelganger


so when I focus the input

and scroll the body

the placeholder input blank

scrolls away into the stratosphere


oh, and:


sometimes the input blank stays focused

but the keyboard goes away


the whole thing scrolls around

wildly if I focus when I'm down

around the end


and sometimes I can't dismiss

the keyboard

no matter what I try


and, of course:


all of this is intermittent

when I'm reloading the page


help? please?