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Far, far more than you really wanted to know about the site and its author.

About This Site

  • Where'd you get your CSS?

    I've modified the YUI font-reset-grids library.

  • Hey, how are you getting those neat little triangles to flip your stuff open and shut?

    See Toggling Element Visibility and all will be made clear

  • How are you getting that dotted line between your content and navigation to always be the right height?

    See Vertical Dividers with YUI Grids for an explanation.

  • Can I use some of your code? How about some of your fiction?

    Possibly. Please see my Right and Permissions page for the grisly details.

About Me

  • How can I arrange to have you speak at my event?

    Drop me a line via the Contact Form.

  • Where else can I find your stuff on the Web?

    I'm on Flickr, MyBlogLog, and Twitter to a lesser extent ... I generally go by kentbrew elsewhere; go to your favorite social network and poke around.

  • Something on your site has made me very, very happy, and I'd like to express my appreciation.

    Thanks! My ThinkGeek Wish List is always open.

About Things I've Done in the Past

"Are You The Guy," or: About Other People named Kent, Brewster, or Kent Brewster, who Are All Not Me

If you have questions or comments, please leave them in my Contact Me page. Thanks!

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