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Had a great time presenting at O'Reilly's Fluent Conference: JavaScript & Beyond, held May 29 through 31 in San Francisco. As promised, here's the presentation I gave. To start it up, click inside the black part and use your arrow keys to navigate.

I have never had a better audience for a presentation, nor have I ever felt prouder of the people I came up with at Yahoo. Gary Flake, Tom Hughes-Croucher, Greg Schechter, Steve Souders, Nicole Sullivan, Estelle Weyl, and Nicholas Zakas all gave stellar presentations, and reminded me why this sort of thing is so much fun to attend. Hope to be back next time!

The presentation is a pretty simple bit of HTML; someday When I Have Time™ I will document how I did it. It seems to run quite a bit more smoothly on Mozilla than Webkit; IE should work, but will have no animations.

I've fixed the single-character variable names in the example; sorry if that was confusing.

And ... yes, I'm thinking about writing a book on this subject. Suggestions welcome!

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