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Hacking Flickr's HTML5 Video .:.

Hey, neat! Flickr's launching HTML5 video for the iPad. Gorgeous, but ... what about the rest of the Web? Are we stuck with Flash? No.

To find these I used Firefox with the User Agent Switcher set to the iPad user agent string. I then used Firebug to inspect the video element, copied the whole <video> tag from each, and pasted them in here with zero further exertion of brainpower.

You'll need a Webkit-based browser to play these videos; see Caveats and Gotchas below for notes.

My last hack for Yahoo! Has it really been a year?

Mroth's video of Beck at that first awesome Yahoo! open hack day.

Caveats and Gotchas

  • Funky stuff happens to the controls when I try to put more than a couple of videos on one page. If you're not seeing controls for one or both of the videos, please reload the page.
  • Since Flickr seems to be supporting .mp4 only, these won't work on Firefox.
  • Safari looks best; I'm seeing noticeably crappier results in Chrome.
  • IE users are of course also out of luck; no HTML5 for you, come back one year....

Pretty awesome to see Flickr taking that first step away from Flash. Hope to see some Ogg soon, so Firefox users can play too!

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Kent Brewster .:. 2010-04-03 13:14:23
Turns out this page works just fine on an iPad, too.

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