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Greetings from Mashup Camp 4 .:.

The fourth iteration of Mashup Camp and Mashup University went off without a hitch last week, Monday through Thursday at the Computer History Museum, in Mountain View, CA.

Best Mashup Winners:

First prize: Chime TV, by Taylor McKnight and Chirag Mehta. Really sweet all-Flash video aggregator, featuring video from all over the web. (Here's Mashup Camp founder David Berlind, bouncing off ZDNet, YouTube, and Chime.TV, about how mash-ups work.) This was Mr. McKnight's second first-prize win; his first was two years ago, for Podbop.

Second prize: The Telephone Game, by John Herren. Responding to suggestions from the demo audience during two rounds of Speed Geeking, John built an application that took one input term, ran it through a bunch (six or seven, by the end of the second session) different search engines, and showed the results as it went along.

Third prize: ClubStumbler, by Nate Ritter and Chris Radcliffe. The designated driver's best friend, ClubStumbler helps you plot the best route to take (with map and directions) through a given cloud of clubs, pubs, or other night spots.

Other Fun Stuff:

Seegest: list, rate, exchange, and make plans to attend movies with your friends. User database powered by BBAuth.

EventsPad: social events calendar that aggregates, organizes, and presents interesting calendar events with rich media.

Personal Highlights:

Speed-geeking the refactored Flickrball in public for the first time. It got six nickels, which is my best so far. (Right, I know: Flickrball needs documentation; that's for a future post.)

Seeing the indestructible Doug Gold nearly reduced to a blubbering mass--that's nearly, people; don't kill me--when David Berlind presented him with the richly-deserved Hill Climber award. (Explanation for non-cyclists: at the end of some of the hillier stretches of the Tour de France and other multi-stage bicycle races, the guy who got up the hill first wins a polka-dotted jersey. Doug's a cyclist, and has had a couple of very tall hills to climb in the process of continuing to do Mashup Camp.)

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