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Updated 11/11/2007: I'm playing with my spiffy new iPod Touch right now, and it turns out the JavaScript version of Stained Glass works fairly well, so I'm going to see about optimizing it in the near future. In the meantime, I'm amused to note the presence of something called Mosaic, a Web app from Mosaic is a tiny, crippled imitation of Tesserae; it runs on a six-by-seven board and only shows primary colors. Kudit will hook you up with a 90-minute demo for each login you register; unfortunately, you need to click past a completely unreadable TOS in order to get to it. (Guys? You can't scroll the TOS, because the iTouch interprets the gesture to mean you want to move the entire page.)

The new My Yahoo! beta launched about a half-hour ago; to try it out, visit

My's new front end is pretty sweet, thanks to talented humans like Hedger Wang, Rich Garcia, Jack Chu, Steve Carlson, Roland Blanton, Dave Balmer, Kevin Ryan, and the folks who put together the Yahoo! User Interface libraries. I mention it here because it's launching with the fourth iteration of Stained Glass, a game I wrote when the rocks were cooling in 1987. (In case you're wondering why the initial copyright date on this site goes back to 1987 ... that's why.)

Stained Glass began life as a QuickBASIC shareware game under DOS, mutated for Mac and Windows 3.1 platforms courtesy Nick Schlott, and was later released as Tesserae, from InLine Design. (Some very old files are online on my page, if you're interested in archaelogy.) To land a job at Yahoo! I translated Stained Glass into JavaScript a while back; the version launching with the new My takes off from there, leaning heavily on the YUI event libraries.

To play Stained Glass, fire up the My beta and click the thumbnail, or go here:

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Kent Brewster .:. 2008-06-09 14:47:34
Sorry, Joe. I'm not sure what's up with the version on My; it seems fine when I try it out.

The Mindsack has been shut down in another of my periodic housekeeping sweeps. I've moved the (cranky, icky) JavaScript version over here, at, as long as you promise not to peek at the code, which is reprehensible. :)

joe .:. 2008-06-09 14:32:37
I'm having a problem with the Yahoo game. It won't allow me to select pieces in the top row toward the right side for moves involving secondary colors or white. (i.e. I can't select a secondary color at all, and I can't select a primary which would jump a secondary. I haven't lined up multiple white squares, so I don't know about selecting a white square.) Primary colors there seem to work. I tried shuffling several times but have this problem with each game.

Is the javascript version gone? It seems that has expired. Thanks for the game!
Kent Brewster .:. 2008-03-17 08:59:51
Peter: were you signed in when you added it? I think that may be the problem ... it let me add it again just now.

Hey, really nice work on the Palm version of Tesserae! :)
notpeter .:. 2008-03-16 13:31:55
Looks like something happened to your Y! widget. It now says "Widget rendering failed, treated as RSS 1205698505"

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