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SxSW Schedule API .:.

Here's the South By Southwest schedule widget I just showed for Revenge of Kick-Ass Mash-Ups with Punk Rock APIs. (Yes, this means I totally volunteer to build this for SxSW for real next year.)

I had a blast doing this; slides will be up on Slideshare as soon as I can possibly make it happen. Thank you, everyone who attended, and thank you Firefox for not crashing or slowing down under the weight of many, many tabs.


The JavaScript:

Comments from before Disqus:

Carl Yestrau .:. 2010-04-13 21:31:42
Hi Kent,
I always enjoy your widget authoring posts.

Have you looked into expressing CSS in JSON format (CSS JSON - One drawback of CSS JSON approach is the processing will be slower than the string join.

Happy hAckINg!

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