In Which Thomas Edward Boyd Jr. Punches my Wife in the Face .:.

[12/22/2009: it's been over two years so I really ought to do some sort of update. (The short version: no apology has been forthcoming.) I've clarified the title of this entry to include Mr. Boyd's full name, to help prevent cases of mistaken identity. I'd like to extend all the Tom Boyds out there who are not Thomas Edward Boyd, Jr, of 1563 Tobias Dr., San Jose CA, my apologies for any misunderstandings that may have occurred.]

[1/8/2008: we've been stumbled upon. While I understand some folks would like more detail, it won't be posted here. Unless you're the sort of person who thinks "she pissed me off" is a good reason for a man to sucker-punch a woman, details are not important.]

Beyond the occasional trip report, I don't post much personal information here. I'm putting this up on the chance that someone may be seeking information about Mr. Thomas Edward Boyd Jr., sometimes abbreviated to Tom Boyd, of 1563 Tobias Dr., San Jose, CA, doing business under California insurance agent's license #0D88155.

On 22 November 2007, after Thanksgiving dinner at his sister's home, Mr. Boyd punched my wife, Dr. Victoria Brewster, full in the face.

Mr. Boyd is a big, beefy guy, and weighs at least what I do, 230 or more. Mr. Boyd stepped in and hit Vickie with a hard right. Vickie's head snapped sharply around, her eyes rolled, and she fell into her niece's arms. Mr. Boyd then assumed a fighting stance and backed away into a narrow hallway.

Several sets of circumstances--very tight quarters, and the presence of innocent bystanders, including Vickie, her niece and daughter, Tom and Vickie's elderly parents, and the possibility that his seven-year-old daughter was standing directly behind him--combined to save Mr. Boyd from eating through a tube for the rest of his life. Instead of risking further harm to the family, I put my chin down, my hands up, and walked straight into him. Mr. Boyd struck me about the head and neck, and then we were tangled up on the floor, immobile. After a brief struggle on the ground, our host and his son peeled Mr. Boyd loose, escorted him out the door, and that was that.

We still can't believe he did it.

Three days later, Vickie's still not herself. She's tired and sore, and sad, and angry. Her neck hurts, and her jaw hurts, and her teeth were rearranged a bit; she's got a sharp corner that wasn't there before, which her dentist is going to have to look at.

The rest of the family seems to be doing as well as can be expected. Vickie's daughter witnessed the attack at close range and was utterly distraught; we had to put her on a train back to her university the next morning, but we're staying in close contact. Small blessings: Vickie's son was out of the room playing video games, and Mr. Boyd's daughter didn't actually see any of it, having been removed from the scene by her parents--convenient timing, there--immediately before the unfortunate incident took place.

I'm scuffed up in a couple of places that haven't seen use since I quit practicing martial arts. Mr. Boyd caught me in the forehead and gave me a bit of a mouse that's noticeable whenever my eyebrows move. My knee is skinned, my neck and ear are bruised, and my elbow doesn't want to be leaned on or straighten all the way out.

While none of the above has any relation to Mr. Boyd's competence to sell insurance or dispense financial advice, I mention it because I believe the public makes an implicit assumption that a man in his position is a gentleman who can be trusted to do the right thing in times of stress. In my personal opinion, this is clearly not the case with Mr. Boyd.

Mr. Boyd? If you're concerned about any effect this post may have on your reputation, I'll be happy to take it down without further comment after Vickie and the rest of your family have accepted your apology. Personally, I believe that any man who strikes a woman is a miserable coward, and a bully, and an unfit parent. If you disagree with this and feel like setting me straight, simply name the time and place.

One request: this time, let's leave the women and children out of it.

[Updated, Monday morning: I've disabled comments on this post--and will delete comments posted elsewhere about this matter--due to the potential for misunderstanding. Family and friends know how to reach us; thanks for your support!]

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